Unfolding Pavilion

Unfolding Pavilion

Architecture as place-hacking of underexposed spaces.
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The Unfolding Pavilion is an exhibition and editorial project that pops up at major architecture events in previously inaccessible but architecturally significant buildings. On each occasion, the Unfolding Pavilion features a different theme inspired by the space it occupies, by means of a curatorial project that reacts to it and to its wider cultural-historic background. The Unfolding Pavilion doesn’t necessarily care about the hosting event’s theme. It lets its occupied space inspire its own theme. Without a good exhibition space (of the finest architectural making), the Unfolding Pavilion doesn’t have any reason to exist. Like any pop-up, the Unfolding Pavilion only lasts for a short but intense period of time. After closing its doors, its activity unfolds online with a continuously updated stream of content. Once the hosting event closes, the Unfolding Pavilion’s website is archived and a book documenting (and retroactively critiquing) the whole process is published.

Unfolded drawing of the exhibition space
Concept by Daniel Tudor Munteanu. Drawing-by-Volumetrica

View of the bedroom
© Ana Amado

Michael Abrahamson (Fuck-Yeah-Brutalism), FYB Housewares ver. 2.1 (Bilderatlas)
© Andrea-Avezzù

Andrew Kovacs (Archive of Affinities), Making Architecture from Architecture
© Andrea Avezzù

Luca Galofaro, Fragments of an Atlas of Imagination
© Andrea Avezzù

Idea by

Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Davide Tommaso Ferrando
Libertatii 1A-4
Daniel Tudor Munteanu: Architect, Master in Architecture, Technical University Iasi, 2005. Founder and editor of the research project ‘OfHouses - a collection of old forgotten houses’. Davide Tommaso Ferrando: Architecture Critic and Post-Doc University Assistant, Department of Architectural Theory and History, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck; Editor of 011+.

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