Arctic Natural Defence Forces

Future vision for search and rescue in the Arctic

Arctic Natural Defence Forces

Future vision for search and rescue in the Arctic
In the Arctic we have to focus on how to respond to natural disasters and build infrastructure to be ready for the changing state of the world.
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In the Arctic the future of increasing economic action like shipping and oil extraction sets higher requirements for supportive infrastructure. The Arctic Natural Defence Forces concept recommends setting up a new network of monitoring and rescue stations. The Network is made of floating stations that drift around the North Pole with the sea ice and of bases on the coastline of the Arctic Ocean that re-use abandoned Distant Early Warning Line and Russian radar stations’ sites.

The network of bases and stations’ structure shows how we can design cradle to cradle systems by reusing existing materials, components and sites.

Accelerating climate change and competition for scarce resources calls for more cooperation to avoid the tragedy of the commons scenario. The main question is how to adapt and be ready for the changing environment using architects’ tools.

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Mari Hunt
Tatari 64
b210 is an architecture office that functions as the core of a network of creatives from various fields. Cooperation has given rise, for instance, to the installation O, Tallinn Planning Guide and tutoring design studio which resulted in Wooden Megaphones project. b210 has won awards at competitions for Rail Baltica Terminal in Pärnu, Viljandi Singing Festival Grounds, and housing refurbishment in Rakvere, Estonia. b210 was the curator of Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013: Recycling Socialism.

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