Ancient city found in Palermo Nord:

architectural literature for new constructions

Ancient city found in Palermo Nord:

architectural literature for new constructions
Adding value to the suburb of Palermo by reestablishing the network of the historical peripheral buildings
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The expansion of Palermo Nord is a cultural organism that results from the historical, social and economic processes stratified over time. It's a system of values and a space of creative opportunities for new interpretive actions. The survey of the territory led to the identification of data concerning the events that have built the city over the centuries. From the first descriptions of the area, a collection of issues emerged, stimulated the investigation that led to the definition of resources and improper uses. These elements become the basis for a project to reactivate the lost context for a city that, through adaptation systems, has developed interferences and reactions. The reactivation of the network is configured in a landscape of streets, villas and historic gardens, which become part of a network of actions and relationships. The network of Palermo aims to connect questions to purposes and resources to values, providing a language that connects the ancient with the new city.

Lost context and urban planning:
Background and hands over the city.
The expansion on the North of Palermo coincides in the common imaginary with the 'city of speculation'. The aim? Get the maximum profit with the new city for the bourgeoisie.

From the ancient city to the new constructions
The city of expansion finds itself unwittingly benefiting from gardens, glimpses and historical fragments that are now completely re-contextualized and are powerless to participate in new needs and ways of living.

(I can’t get no) satisfaction.
Discovering the urban and social histories hidden within the city 'without quality'.

In action for Palermo Nord.
On the research track: the identity matrix of a place is an instrument of observation and knowledge but also of development.

Coming to a point.
The networking structure of Palermo Nord provides a language that allows the relationship between the ancient city and the new constructions.

Idea by

Antonella Attinasi, Eva Barbari, Giorgia Magrì
Antonella Attinasi, Eva Barbari and Giorgia Magrì are recent graduated architects from the IUAV in Venice. Since then they have collaborated in several projects and at the master thesis which the city of Palermo was the main subject. They still keep searching for new visions and projects that can provide a change in our cities and communities preserving the cultural heritage.

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