Designing a Curriculum

An Experiment in Architectural Education

Designing a Curriculum

An Experiment in Architectural Education
Inverting the logic of the architectural design studio – curriculum as an object of design.
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Bologna has bureaucratically “processed” European universities by introducing standardised degrees, making the assembly line of knowledge commodification run on a faster track to the labour market. In these conditions, architectural education is modelled as a simulation of real life practice, with studio projects matching fictional office settings. This is a proposal for an exercise in architectural education – a studio where students are designing a curriculum, an organisational document that shapes their educational reality. This approach aims at understanding the work of an architect not only in relation to architecture as a built environment, but also in relation to all those invisible infrastructures and institutions that define and regulate the profession. We claim that the “future of architecture” might not be in creating new spatial models, but in reorganising the existing disciplinary institutions and reclaiming critical roles by turning the current order upside down.

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Marija Marić and Damjan Kokalevski
Sihlfeldstrasse 93
Marija Marić and Damjan Kokalevski are architects and researchers based in Zurich. Currently PhD fellows at the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at ETH Zurich, their interests evolve around the questions of labour and experimental practices in architectural education.

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