3 – 2 – 1 Architecture

Connecting people to architecture: Architectural Videos

3 – 2 – 1 Architecture

Connecting people to architecture: Architectural Videos
For future architecture, innovation is important, when it comes to the way we view and experience.
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Denise Scott Brown says: “Architects can’t force people to connect, they can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make meeting places useful and attractive.”

It is very common to portrait a client of architecture as someone very strict and averse to innovation when it comes to building their own house, school, theatre, …and the city.

We believe that architectural video can help to break barriers between people and the future architecture. Like Marc Kusher says: "Architecture is not about math or zoning — it's about visceral emotions," and those kind of emotions can be conveyed with video.

You cannot like contemporary architecture if you don’t know it. You cannot ask or be demanding about the future quality of your space, house, city… if you don’t have any reference to relate to.

We believe that video is key to tell a story about contemporary and future architecture, and also to have in mind wider audience and connection between people and architecture.

Video Still - Cabo da Vila House
“This is a story about a girl… …and her red tricycle. And a beautiful house” inspired by “The Shining” from Stanley Kubrick. In this movie of Cabo de Vila House from the architects Spaceworkers, instead of using the tricycle and the space to instal a sense of madness, the idea is to show that the house has no barriers between the different spaces, only an organic geometry that establishes hierarchies between them and that allows mutual visual contact.

Video Still - Mercado de Abrantes
In the city center of Abrantes we can find the Municipal Market. As we go in, the video takes us through the contrast between the white walls and the living colors of the flowers and fruits they are selling.

Video Still - Gomos System
The Gomos System video tells de story of a modular construction system made of concrete units produced in factory which allow an easy transportation and a quick assemblage.

Video Still - Architectural Video Series - Arquitectura à Moda do Porto
To promote the excellency of the Architecture of the "Invicta town", Building Pictures, architect Filipa Figueira and the architect Tiago Vieira, created a project named “Arquitectura à moda do Porto”, that produces monthly a new episode about great architecture works from the last 20 years in Porto.

Call - What's your favorite space?
To celebrate The Year of Portuguese Architecture, we produced a documentary which has had the contribution from the participants of the contest "What's your favorite space?". The documentary was considered by Archdaily in 2015, one that people could not miss.

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Sara Nunes
Building Pictures
Praça Coronel Pacheco n 2
Building Pictures is pioneering the communication of architecture: bringing people closer to architecture and tell stories of spaces through video. In 2016, we had three videos at the Biennale di Venezia; we were invited to present one of our videos at 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial and our video Gomos was seen in several Italian cities on movie theaters. Also in 2016, we were considered by Archdaily one of the "13 channels of architecture on YouTube - in Portuguese - that you need to know".

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