Urban Arcadia

thinking about another nature

Urban Arcadia

thinking about another nature
another nature – learning from suburbia. a critical take on the dream of both house and garden
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our apporach in several current projects is based on a continuous interest and research for the suburban accumulation of privatized landscape dreams / miniature worlds and the question of how to incorporate this wish for individuality into an urban model that is more open and offers diversity and spaces of social negotiation and neighborhood.

projects on several scales (urban neighborhood, single-family home, landmark) are approached with the question of their relationship and integration with nature that goes beyond imagery of adding plants. the projects consider social implications as well as nature as a living, changing and

more than a finished project, many of the approaches are thought of as a framework, a set of proposals, open for future adaptations. asking different questions and answering the given program with an inclusive image and structure – how do we want to live tomorrow?

how different do we want to live? in both our academic and project work we constantly try to question what seems as a given by testing and proposing ideas as the start of creating an open process.

what if our gardens are within the built structures? what will be the social implications of freeing the ground level from all its fences and borders by moving the private green spaces into the buildings...

how many do become one - what if an assembly of houses constitutes a social network? can community gardens become the new address, a reference point betweem neighbors?

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FAKT (Ernst, Kern, Tessarz, Tratz)
Nicolaistraße 8-12, 12247
FAKT means finding a clear answer. We are interested in architecture as the possibility of making definite projects. FAKT is a young team of architects with the strong will to build houses, objects and ideas. After participating in several competitions and working on numerous projects, the Berlin-based office with all four co-founders is working on a broad range from small-scale furniture to construction projects as well as academic work. www.fakt-office.com

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