Trojan Horses

A subversive strategy to share knowledge

Trojan Horses

A subversive strategy to share knowledge
Theory alongside practice, dialogue before design.
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The Trojan Horse was a stratagem the Greeks used to deceive the walls of Troy. In an age of multiplication of images, our disciplinary walls are rooted in a cultural, media, even moral nature: therefore, a positive strategy that can shake the foundations of these condition is needed.
By playing with the usual aspect of the Horse we present the installation as an icon for a new subversive ambiguity.
Inspired by The Castle, artwork by Méndez Blake where he represented the impact of a book against the structure of a brick wall, the Horse — rethought as a database and communication vehicle — will face the language of the city where it lands and establish a network with other horses in other stages to tackle forgotten topics.
The goal of this program of public installations is to interact with the citizens by engaging with questionable points around the city, challenging them to explore alternatives.
The Horse is our vessel to collect and share ideas, strategies, solutions, knowledge.

Through an extraordinary journey, these Trojan Horses “travel” around and collect books, projects, strategies. Their foamy, playful nature counterpoints the menacing nature of the war machine. They then land and slowly approach and engage strategical points of interest around the cities, openly debating them and altering public spaces to experience solutions and the nature of the issues.

Idea by

Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi with Flavia Rossi
Warehouse of Architecture and Research
Via Nomentana 331
WAR was founded in 2013. Its essence can be found between a traditional studio and an independent research space of contemporary practice. Born and raised in Rome the Warehouse of Architecture and Research is extremely tied to the roman culture. The office consists of three architects working between Rome and New York. Flavia Rossi is an artist and photographer based in Rome, winner of the Nascimben prize, she is among the 30 under 30 women photographers selected by ARTPIL + Photo Boite.

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