Reverse the given


Reverse the given
Green vertical hyperdensity, Autonomy from petrol, NO more CO2 innocence, NO more consumption of the nature
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It is a design of a new quarter whose image and urbanization logics break with the existent context, creating an infrastructure capable of produce landscape that reverses the given of the nature. An experiment anywhere and replicable everywhere. Housing, landscape, and mobility are combined and condensed to create the future of architecture.
The architectural form will dissolve into the fluid spatial movements between air, wind, and light, where nature reincorporates into the high-density urban environment.
Plants are non-threatening and no discriminatory in a world that is constantly judgemental.
The project will propose large territorial networks of urban infrastructure bringing existing natural environments into a relationship with new agricultural and industrial landscape.
Landscape as a dynamic process capable to create events rather than static images. Landscape as an artificial nature that creates or highlights the narratives, which reveals the identity of the place.

Green vertical city vs Sprawl horizontal city.
Plants are non-threatening and no discriminatory in a world that is constantly judgemental.

-Do you like the countryside?
I say I didn´t know, maybe not, I thought.
-Do you prefer the town?
-Quite frankly, I don´t think I prefer the town, either.
The woman began to lose patience.
Christiane Rochefort, Les petits enfants du siècle (1961), Bernard Grasset, Paris, 1994

Idea by

Maria Amado Mannise, Gonzalo Lozano Arce
avenida portugal
Maria Amado is an Uruguayan architect with a MAS in Collective Housing (UPM-ETH). Designer. Researcher and teacher in FADU-Universidad de la República (Montevideo). Specialties: Urban Design and Planning, Housing, Landscape, Sustainability. Gonzalo Lozano Arce is Master in Collective Housing. taught between the UPM and the ETH Zurich. 2015 Architecture with honors from the Pontifical University of Salamanca in Madrid, Spain. Nowadays works at Gmür & Geschwentner Architekten.

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