A case for Custom Build

Introducing MyHouse, a self-empowered path to real Housing reform

A case for Custom Build

Introducing MyHouse, a self-empowered path to real Housing reform
With population growth and a housing crisis, Custom Build offers a disruptive innovation that can change how we procure housing; combining the benefits of production line efficiency, customer affordability and choice, ultimately resulting in mass customisation and a self-empowered home-owner.
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Current supply of housing is largely dependant on private developers and in the UK alone we are currently only building half the number of homes required to meet increasing household formation. We need many more suppliers. Our view is that homeowners want greater choice, that the developers’ ‘product’ is sub-standard and that the desirable one-off architect designed house is beyond the reach of most. Supported by public sector land with enabling developers constructing infrastructure, a new customer-led supply chain would radically change the provision of housing from one of speculation to one of customer driven production. Instead of Architects being the pawns to the developer’s game or the preserve of the elite they become the authors of a new world of design led mass customised housing. New architect led home manufacturers such as our MyHouse initiative provide a solution, offering up affordable and well-designed homes allowing customer choice and future flexibility.

A case for Custom Build

Custom Build, a self-empowered path to real Housing reform

Flow diagram for a Custom Build model

MyHouse Online Configurator

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Alex Ely
1 Naoroji Street
United Kingdom
Alex Ely MA(RCA) RIBA RTPI is founder of Mæ, an architecture, urban design and research studio. He has led the practice in establishing an international reputation for innovation and excellence. Alex balances working for architecture and civil society advising government and its agencies on the built environment. He has been responsible for award winning schemes as well as for the Mayor of London’s Housing Design Guide and numerous best practice publications.

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