Office of Displaced Designers (ODD)

Sharing + Learning = Co-creation

Office of Displaced Designers (ODD)

Sharing + Learning = Co-creation
Architecture: unlocking the power of design and education for a more inclusive and just society.
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We believe design is a powerful tool to bring people together to problem solve. At a time when over 60 million people have been displaced due to climate change and conflict, migration and integration are amongst the most pressing issues facing our social society today. There is an urgent need to devise new ways for people to unite.

We imagine a scenario where collaborative practice is at the heart of shaping the built environment, capitalising on opportunities for skills sharing and learning, and encouraging entrepreneurial skills.

The concept for ODD is simple: to provide a resilient collaborative platform that can respond to changing needs and interests and unlock the power of design and education to initiate positive change and support a more inclusive and just society.

Local and displaced communities share an abundance of creative skill and potential

Skills-sharing in action: Siraj apprentices with Juit, an expert furniture maker at Kara Tepe Camp, Lesvos
(Photo by Lucrezia Fiorito)

Construction workshop: site levelling
(Photo by Claire Thomas)

Ideas sharing at a visioning workshop

Light carpentry workshop

Idea by

Shareen Elnaschie + Kimberly Pelkofsky
Office of Displaced Designers
Therapontos, 5
Mytilene, Lesvos
Shareen Elnaschie + Kimberly Pelkofsky work at the intersection of architecture, planning, development, and humanitarian issues, promoting resilience through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Whilst conducting an education needs assessment at Kara Tepe camp (Lesvos) the pair met many people with creative skills and a desire to contribute to the betterment of the camp and local context. Seeing an opportunity to put time to good use to educate and co-create, the first idea for ODD was sparked.

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