What the village can teach us

Often everything that you need is already exists

What the village can teach us

Often everything that you need is already exists
Attention to detail, space, to what already exists
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Can the village be the basis for the living in the future city? What the village can teach us?

The most important ideas from the village that we can use for create future architecture:

-relation "human-nature", "human-communication", "human-art"
-calmness, silence, observation, meditation
-saturation, diversity, lack of monotony
-human scale
-careful attitude
-attention to details
-Human - the owner of the street and the space

This drawing shows the process of what is happening with village (in this case is Blanca ), shows the relationship between the village and the surrounding nature, the village and the urban environment, the urban environment and details. I focus on the details, because they form an individual image of the village. Details are the link that connects the past and the future. I think it is important for us- not to lose this link.

Animals and plants on the street, as if we are in the nature. In the woods...Paintings, animals, plants refer us to antiquity, caves. The size of the street is the size of the room. What a person can understand in the zone of his reach. The amount that can be counted, a volume that can be measured with himself ... and he is comfortable, he coped, he is well done.

Human - the owner of the street! When we walk along the pedestrian street, we relax, everything is fine, everything is under control and a street is our ... but then suddenly the car burst into our personal space. The car is a predator. The machine pushed the man out of the city (space). Cities (space) belong to cars. It is necessary to return the street (space) to a person!

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Mykola Kornilov
Kharkivs'ka St 14, 6
I'm an architect and a painter. I graduated from Sumy Higher Arts and Culture College and received a degree in painting. Also I graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and received a degree in architecture in the Studio-Professor Dmitry Antonyuk. I have 7 years of experience in architecture. Also I illustrated some art books for different writers and draw and create posters. At the moment I'm working in the architecture firm "Vitallerarquitectura" in Barcelona.

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