tuning up architecture

unexpected resonance of sites

tuning up architecture

unexpected resonance of sites
The research of a well-tuned balance between architecture and environment
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Our idea of a future architecture is based on the research of those sounds that can give voice to the elements that characterize the sites, thus giving life to the project process.
A careful analysis of the specific context in which each work is placed is of great importance in the project procedure: in fact, this critical reading of the places aims at identifying the characteristics and peculiarities of all the fragments that make up each site. At first, the various aspects are isolated analytically, then they are reassembled and recreated in a new and coherent way. In the projects developed so far, the architects have taken care to establish precise spatial relationships between structure and context both on a large scale and on a very small scale.

f**k with context

Mimesis/landscape_ environmental and urban redevelopment of Balestrate waterfront, on the Sicilian North coast - completed in 2014.
A thin white strip of land lying between the geometrically built residential area of the town and the uncertain and changing profile of the beach lapped by the sea waves. Along that strip of land rests a paved promenade with wooden footbridges and steps which plunge into the sand like slender offshoots leading towards the sea water.

Respect/landscape_ Temporary wooden theatre in 'Rocca di Cefalù'- 1st prize competition 2016.
The flow of the natural landscape helps to create a theatre cut into a cliffside in Cefalù, Italy. Situated at the base of the Rocca di Cefalù, the wooden and steel theatre respects the importance of both the historical, man-made structures and the greatness of the cliffs and rocky outcrops.

Fragments/history_Remodeling of Piazza Garibaldi and new residential building in Concordia sulla Secchia - 3th prize competition 2016.
The project creates a new focus point that connects the old city centre with the new urban context. The linking element between the new building and the square is the ground floor where the theme of the historical portico is applied: the new portico consisting of bays with segmental arches is approached to the old porch fragment that resisted the 2012 earthquake

Context/landscape_ New boarding school in Malles, Dolomite Mountains - 1st prize competition 2014.
The new boarding school establishes precise space relationships with the context, and to a larger scale, it opens onto the landscape towards Mount Stelvio and the Müstair Valley. Drawing inspiration from this unique context, the design integrates opportunities for active participation between building and land, and student with nature.

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Marco Alesi, Cristina Cali', Alberto Cusumano
AM3 architetti associati
via Pirandello 9
AM3 Architetti Associati, founded in 2011, operates in Palermo (Italy) on projects both in the private and in the public sphere. 2015_honorable mention at the prize Young Talent of Italian Architecture 2016_selected at Italian Pavilion of the 15th Architecture Venice Biennale 2016_1st prize competition for a theatre in Cefalù, Sicily 2017_1st prize competition for a new primary school in Villabate, Sicily At present the Firm is dealing with the building of a new church in Agrigento, Sicily

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