Architecture After the Future Symposium

Event5 Jun 2017

Friday, 23 June, 5 pm at HDA, Graz. - As part of the eponymous exhibition, Future Architecture alumni will be joined by architectural researcher Michael Klein and philosopher Armen Avanessian, who will examine possibilities of overcoming current crisis of future-oriented imagination.

(c)Andreas Töpfer

The symposium Architecture After the Future is part of the eponymous exhibition at the House of Architecture in Graz. The primary goal of the conference is to enable the authors of the exhibited projects to present their work to the Graz public and explain the theoretical concepts underlying their architectural research and practice, thereby initiating a public discourse on architecture of the post-futurist era. In addition, in the last of the three lecture blocks, architectural researcher Michael Klein and philosopher Armen Avanessian will examine the possibilities of overcoming the current crisis of future-oriented imagination with a particular focus on architectural design and urban planning. The symposium will end with a round-table discussion moderated by art historian and architectural theorist Anselm Wagner.


Welcome Note: Markus Bogensberger, director HDA

Introduction: Ana Jeinić

POST-FUTURIST DESIGN STRATEGIES: Reflexive, Reluctant, and Ephemeral Architectures

Paolo Patelli, The Architecture (an Archaeology) of a Post-Nation: A   Design-Based Inquiry into the Prototypes of the European Project (lecture)
José Tomás Pérez Valle, No Man’s Land: Subtracting the Border (project presentation)
Bika Rebek and Noemi Polo, The Invisible Window (project presentation)
Miloš Kosec, I Would Prefer Not To: The Emergence of the Reluctant Architect (lecture)

POST-FUTURIST DESIGN STRATEGIES: Pragmatic, Ironic, Relativistic, and Salvatorian Speculations

Paul Landon, Dissolving Futures (project presentation)
Florian Bengert, Space in Time: The Future of Logistic Landscapes (project presentation)
Ersi Krouska, Penelope Pop-Up: Refugee Tent System (project presentation)
Mika Savela and Henrik Drufva (Selim Projects), Proxima Utopia (lecture)

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Reclaiming the Immanent Futurism of the Architectural Project

Michael Klein, The Promises of the Future: The Relationship between Hope,   Planning, and Reality (presentation of the annual theme of the Austrian Society of Architecture)
Armen Avanessian, On Speculative Time Complex, Accelerationism, Xeno-Architecture, and Mereotopolitics (video interview by Ana Jeinić)
Round-Table Discussion with Michael Klein, Markus Bogensberger, and Ana Jeinić (moderation: Anselm Wagner)

Concept and organizationAna Jeinić