Architecture after the Future

1 Jul - 31 Aug 2017
House of Architecture (HDA), Graz, AT
Graz, Austria

From 2016 to 2018 the House of Architecture is dealing with the relevance of contemporary architectural production. The main focus is on the role of architects in society. The exhibition “Architecture after the Future” features contemporary European architectural offices and collaborative networks, opening up a new perspective on their practice. Its work is interpreted as exemplary of the new conceptions of the “architectural project” that have emerged spontaneously as specific architectural responses to the contemporary crisis that is the future. The curatorial concept is based on the hypothesis that several different strategies have been developed in the last few decades in order to adapt architectural design to the post-futurist social condition. These strategies are changing the very meaning of the term project in architecture. Some such strategies are temporary/tactical design, recycling strategy, regressive strategy, salvatorian strategy and analytical strategy.