All the Beauties of the Cities

#Conference, Publishing
16 Feb - 30 Oct 2020
VI PER Gallery, Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ

The event is postponed until further notice!

The specific focus of our 2020 program will be based on two characteristic formats – a physical object (a book) and an event (a conference/lectures).


The conference entitled Gentrification in Post-Socialist Countries will include contributions by four selected creatives with a follow-up discussion. The conference will be held within the program of the exhibition Karlin ExChange, running from the end of February till April 2020 in Prague. The exhibition will compare the former industrial neighborhood of Prague before and after the devastating floods of 2002. It will highlight the rapid urbanization by the private sector of this area as well as its gentrification.

The one-day program will be split into two parts:

The first part will accept contributions focused on the topic of the post-1989 urban privatization and the asymmetry of power in post-socialist cities (preferably in the V4 countries). Those are defined by the essential role of the private sector in the making of the city as a result of the privatization and the weakness of the council in any negotiation with real-estate developers. We will appreciate projects and papers which will reflect the impact of this phenomenon on the right to the city or which chose as a case study a post-industrial neighborhood where the phenomenon of the rent gap was present.

The second part of the conference will be questioning housing strategies and policies in European cities (mainly in Germany, Austria, UK, France, etc). We are looking for analyses or observations from countries that have experience with private/public projects (percentage for social or accessible housing in real-estate developer projects) or where the city or the welfare state plays a major role in providing housing for a diverse range of its inhabitants. We welcome works that will take a critical stance towards the success of those policies or will reflect the strategies regarding not only their social aspect but also the ecological one.

Finally, within the conference, we will invite a keynote scholar specialized in the topic of gentrification who will also summarize the event and will respond to all presentations.


As part of Future Architecture Call for Ideas 2020, VI PER Gallery is launching its first open call for a publishing project. The book will be published by VI PER Gallery currently establishing new and diverse publishing activities. This started with our first book Steel  Cities: The Architecture of Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe, an exploration into the landscapes of outsourcing that are growing around the Western Borders of Eastern Europe (published in 2019 in collaboration with Park Books).

We welcome book proposals addressing our 2020 program entitled All the Beauties of the City dealing with contemporary city and its connection to politics, social issues, economy, environment, public space, technology, etc., affecting the state, context and network of social and spatial relationships of the current and future cities and urban conditions across the globe.

The result will be a book or manifesto with an emphasis on the author’s conceptual and artistic approach. The submitted proposals can work with one specific example or with a broader context and case studies. The open call is open to all professions and fields of interest: architects, artists, historians, curators, researchers, writers, etc.

This final entry will be selected by VI PER Gallery team but all applications will be visible also to the other Future Architecture Platform members who may select and include them into their own program.

The winning author will receive a supporting grant to finish his/her work. The author should work closely with our team and graphic designer. The book will have a short introductory text by an invited scholar.

The book will be published by September 2019. The book will be introduced at VI PER together with the author in a talk/discussion as part of the official book launch.