Air Revert

An architectural tool-set for mitigating indoor pollution

Air Revert

An architectural tool-set for mitigating indoor pollution
The idea is to prove a simple lo-tech system that detoxicates and depolutes indoor environments by means of a special material combined with few climatizing devices.
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Today the challenge is not only how to build sustainably but also how to revert the unsustainable choices of the past. This is where the questions of air pollution and indoors intoxication kicks in as a serious problem, intrinsic to architecture, that causes millions of deaths a year.
The idea we hereby present is a system for mitigating indoor air pollution by mean of combining simple indoor materials, air convection systems and few climate control devices, which applies to hospitals, schools and dwellings located in polluted areas where people avoid opening windows due to very high pollution levels outside or where indoor air pollution reaches very high levels. The system is scalable and likely to reach patenting at a later stage.
This is a complementary solution to an outrageous problem that won’t be solved by one solution alone, it needs a couple of systems working side-by-side. This is just one of such systems.

Matrix for fine tuning plaster ingredients.

First try of a filtering plaster system

Essay with contaminated plasters

Wall made plastered with wine-based render, developed for wine producer.

Incredible mix of manure, dark loam and beeswax for restaurant.

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Francisco Fonseca, Pedro Jervell
Largo do Terreiro 4
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