The Invisible Blanket

162" by 168" Emergency blanket, fishing wire

The Invisible Blanket

162" by 168" Emergency blanket, fishing wire
Instead of heavy, precious and permanent, the future of architecture is light, thin and ephemeral
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Our ideas of the future tend to be dominated by ideas of technological progress. Yet, the ultimate luxury in the future will be the liberation of these technologies, precious moments without being seen, without having to look at the screen. The invisible blanket, perched on a mid-level rooftop in New York City provides the temporary illusion of privacy.

Made out of emergency blankets used to retain heat for outdoor adventurers, it creates an infinitely thin and virtually invisible surface, appearing just like another silver rooftop from the sky. The blanket reflects the sky while keeping the visitors hidden underneath, defining a public space with ultimate privacy. Visitors under the canopy are hidden, yet they can see the city through the golden underside filter of the surface.

Idea by

Bika Rebek, Matt Choot
Am Hundsturm 5/7.3
Bika Rebek is an architect practicing within heterogeneous formats. Performances, installations, and writing are an integral part of her work, acting as catalysts for open-ended thinking about architectural production. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia GSAPP and a principal at Studio SibilaSoon. Previously she has worked for The Metropolitan Museum of Art as an exhibition designer as well as a number of architecture offices internationally.

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