Penelope Pop-up

Refugee Tent System

Penelope Pop-up

Refugee Tent System
Pop It Up and Settle – Fold It, Wear It and Walk – Weave Your Path Through Life
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An architectural solution, considering the current flow of refugees worldwide, which is alarmingly increasing.

The tent is set up in one move, it Pops Up to its final shape. When it folds, it can be carried on a person’s back. Each tent has the Inner, the Middle and the Outer Skin, three different fabric layers, each with its own properties, responding to different weather and landscape conditions. Using them in the appropriate way, the ideal microclimate is created inside the tent. The Outer Skin detaches totally from the frame and becomes Coats for a family- two adults and two children. Besides protecting them against weather conditions, the burden of the tent is shared while carrying it.

Penelope, while waiting for Odysseus to return to Ithaca, wove her web every day, it was her strategy to delay time. The refugees are often trapped in places, waiting for days or months to be able to move, without having something to do. The frame of the tent is a loom, they can weave on it.

The Pop-Up System - Folding and Unfolding the Tent

The Inner, the Mid, the Outer Skins of the Tent and How they Work

Wearing the Outer Skin as a Coat - Multifunctionality

Details, Materials and Colors

The Penelope Effect - Weaving While Waiting

Idea by

Ersi Krouska
14 Taki street, Psiri
Ersi Krouska lives in Athens and works at her studio ‘Ersi Krouska architecture+design’. She studied architecture at the University of Greenwich, London. She worked on museology at RCL Architects and Sonia Charalambides-Divani. She worked at the ‘Campana’s Workshop in Athens’ for the design of ‘New Hotel’. She participates in international Architecture, Design and Art exhibitions. She won the ‘Architizer A+ Popular Award 2013’ - New York, for her project ‘@kinito’.

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