Culture Territories

In search of unique forsaken places.

Culture Territories

In search of unique forsaken places.
Use of new ideas and technologies to support local societies and revitalise overlooked abondoned buildings.
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Our aim is to show the potential of the places seemingly unattractive by making a small scale instalations supported by meetings with artists and workshops that will effect local societies and emphasis a bigger change in mainds of audience. We think that valuable change can be made only by taking small steps. Interventions like this can work as acupuncture in space - they encourage bigger movements to come. They lead to development of aesthetic sense through active inclusion of citizens by workshops to show them their creative potential and to take independent action on their own. Now most important issue is not to develop ideas for new bulidings but to search for a way to preserve those we already have. By adding new matter to historical structure we emphasis it's unique beauty. Revitalisation can’t be only a phisical change - it has to be multidimensional. Has to deal with society problems such as growing inequality between acces to cultural events beetwen small towns and big cities

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Łukasz Pałczyński, Agnieszka Kołacińska, Jakub Andrzejewski, Hania Raniszewska, Natalia Kobylińska, Adrian Krężlik
Culture Territories Association
We are a group of students based in Warsaw, four of us work in a filed of architecture, one is a film maker and one compose music. The thing which connected is sensitivity to hidden beauty in abonded spaces. We all agree that architecture is incomplete without others fields of arts, thats why we created interdisciplinar group.

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