The Future of Architecture

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The Future of Architecture

5 images
It will tell stories, it will be dense, not everything will be aligned, will be painted, will be as it always was.
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The collection shown here is related to what we see in the world and the conclusions we draw from it but it also is an idea of the architecture we would like to create and hope for.

“It will tell stories” means that we would like architecture to be telling of its functions, as in the image by David Goldblatt that captures the hand-smoothed materiality of the clay wall, but also the simple bag that (maybe) is structural and carries the wight of the roof. “It will be dense” is to us a logical conclusion of a finite world but also carries the promise of a much grater overlay of nature, city and functions. “Not everything will be aligned” is a call for highly specific designs as much as an observation of immediacy and hyper individuality that prevails in the ever growing informal habitat. “It will be painted” because it is a simple, efficient and cheap way of beautification as in this bread closet from the late 17th century. “It will be as it always was” because people will be people.

It will tell stories. Photograph of a hut in Africa by David Goldblatt

It will be dense: Parque Tenant Siqueria Campos, Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo

Not everything will be aligned: Rio das Pedras, Rio de Janeiro

It will be painted: Late 17th century bread closet, Frankonia

It will be as it always was: Lido de Faro, Capri

Idea by

Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz, Leonard Streich
Something Fantastic
Leipziger Str. 61
»Something Fantastic« was founded in Berlin in 2010. It is committed to smart, simple, touching architecture. The firm works transdisciplinary, combines everything, and uses design on all scales and in various media, aiming to help making the world a socially just, ecologically healthy and culturally vivid place. Its means include teaching, writing, editing and designing books, curating and designing exhibitions, urban planning, furniture and product design as well as building designs.

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