Archipelago Lab

an atlas of metropolitan islands for madrid

Archipelago Lab

an atlas of metropolitan islands for madrid
a model for the contemporary metropolis
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The Archipelago tries to trace a model for the Contemporary Metropolis.
Scenes are identified. Each piece, each scene, each island, behaves as a laboratory. A “laboratorization” of the city as an archipelago is established.
Four concrete cases are presented, from the compendium of islands that configure the project for the city. Four documents. One for each island: plan, section, elevation and image. Four situations itemized, which will not just explain metropolitan islands separately, but would trace a unitary project that constitutes the narrative of the city of Madrid as an archipelago.
Redefining our position from the trace of objects to the trace of associations. Redefining our role as a type of connection amid things that are not architectonic by themselves.
Instead of analyzing the post-post condition of the contemporary city as a state of crisis, we ought to treat radically immanent conditions of the city as a projective model for the metropolis itself.

Geographical Representation of the Archipelago of Madrid

Lab 1_ Altermodern Event - {the Plan}

Lab 2_ Manhattanism Castizo - {the Section}

Lab 3_ Re-Learning from Eurovegas - {the Elevation}

Lab 4_ Augmented Domesticity - {the Image}

Idea by

Pedro Pitarch
Pedro Pitarch is architect and musician. He works and lives in Madrid. Occupying a somewhat tangential position within the architectural practice, his investigations focus on the interrelations between society, contemporary culture and media

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