Anatomia Loci

The augmented perceptions of reality

Anatomia Loci

The augmented perceptions of reality
We can’t measure reality only through our presumed normality. Reality is so elusive, we need new ways to perceive it.
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Spaces in where we live still appear inadequate to welcome the “diversity” or the “disability”. The architectural barriers don’t concern only the wheelchair users but a wider overview of difficulties.
We are realizing prototypes which intends to overcome the common physical accessibility concept towards an augmented sensorial experience offering more contextual reading elements to the users.
This works are devices which use the hearing and the touch, two sense not so involved in architectural design.
The attempt made is to develop a microintervention able to condense the experience possibilities that the hearing and the touch offer to the users with the goal to offer an augmented quality of perceptions beyond the common “able – disabled” codification.

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Marco Ballarin, Elisa Brusegan, Stefano Tornieri, Massimo Triches
Babau Bureau
San Polo 3082
Babau Bureau is a project bureau based in Venice strongly connected with academic research. Focused on an holistic approach we believe in the necessity of theories based on different contexts and degrees of human dimensions.

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