Architecture of Commons

How to live (al)together?

Architecture of Commons

How to live (al)together?
Future architecture should look for ways of living (al)together, as all power structures and capitalist formations push us more and more away from each other.
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The dominant discourse is pushing us away from each other everyday, through racist politics based on fear and pride, individualist economics and technologically advanced devices embedded in our highly 'connected' daily lives.

How to live (al)together is a question of action, about gathering in spite of our differences. It is a question about the nation state in crisis, departing from the idea of a refugee kitchen in Turkey. It is a question about education in crisis, departing from the idea of an academy program in China. It is a question about society in crisis, departing from the idea of a neighbourhood center in US. It is a question of what is missing, a question of everyday utopia.

This presentation will discuss architectures of commons, whether they are physical structures or transdisciplinary organisations of space and try to direct some more questions in this regard for future architecture.

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Merve Bedir
Land+Civilization Compositions
Berkelselaan 50B
Merve Bedir is an architect and researcher. Her research and practice is about urban transformation, migration and forced displacement and architecture education. Graphic image by Magnus Weightman

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