The Post Fossil City


The Post Fossil City
Imagining a city that is not addicted to fossil fuels. Interpreting the way we live, work, and move around the city, our main source of energy would come from humans.
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HEX-A-TRAL: The Post Fossil City
While imagining the future of cities, we come across a limitless possibilities of habitat, technology and sustainability. The definition of future sustainability is limitless to a human mind. Assuming a city without fossils, opens the possibility of a world where the existence of Flora and Fauna are restricted to public museum and exhibition. This leaves us with concerns of the future environmental, social and economic aspects. Post Fossil city focusses on a dynamic approach towards dwelling and communication. The definition of Living, Working, and Movement would change by the means of alternative Energy source which would be renewable and governed by resources which would not replenish over time. With No Fossils and a major scarcity of air and water, the only source of energy would be HUMANS whose existence is assumed limitless. Imagining a city that is not addicted to fossil fuels. Interpreting the way we live and work

Concept Development and Understanding: Analyzing Functionality cycle, User involvement, World Population density, Fractal Development.

Concept Evolution

Interpreting a usual scenario and visions

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Piyush Prajapati
110, Iridium building, Al barsha 1
United Arab Emirates
“Logic takes you from A to B, but Imagination take you everywhere” these words by Einstein have been a motivation to aspire for new and to think out of the box. I am Architect Piyush Prajapati, 26yrs, I am currently working with GAJ, Dubai as an Architect and have been awarded By President of India for works on Conversation of Tower in President Estate. I have won couple of International awards and Competitions. I have been awarded with Best Architectural Thesis in India,2014

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