Spaces like Actions (Marco Ferrari, Cristina Gallizioli, Maria Giulia Milani): Spaces like Actions

A collective research project over the cultural components of space.Spaces like Actions is a research project founded in 2017 by Marco Ferrari, Cristina Gallizioli and Maria Giulia Milani. Winner of FuoriRotta2017, Montura Prize 2018 and finalist at VEX Agitated Vernacular competition, the project has been presented at 6th International Degrowth Conference, Internazionale a Ferrara, Yangon Technological University and New Generations Festival, supported by crowdfunding donations from 11 countries and exhibited at Architect Expo Bangkok and Nowtopia Copenhagen.The concept was one of the 25 selected ideas at the Future Architecture Call for Ideas 2019 that generated 357 ideas by 704 creatives from 60 countries all over the world.