Reporting from the Edge

Future Architecture Festival29 Aug 2017

Thursday 28 September 8.30
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)

Oscillating between fact and fiction to discuss architecture and its future, this lively series of incisive interviews will focus on the relationships we generate with our immediate and everyday surroundings. Architectural designers, urban activists and spatial thinkers will share their views on the ways we can celebrate the conscious and unconscious ties that bind us to our environment – from urban to suburban, from peripheral to rural. Human history, cultural geographer J.B. Jackson maintained, gives rise to human geography. As the relevance of the city vs country dichotomy continues to dwindle throughout the territories of Europe,what are we left with? When do architecture and landscape become compacted and where, at what point do they collide? How do we tackle those contexts already saturated with history and meaning? To what extent is our built environment shared collectively?
Coordinated by: Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Reporters: Manon Mollard with Manuel Henriques (LisbonArchitecture Triennale)

Free admission.

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