Future Architecture is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.
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The Future Architecture platform (1 Nov 2015–31 Oct 2021) has connected emerging talents to high profile institutions, museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials, and festivals which organized the European Architecture Program of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, publications, prototyping and more. The aim of the platform was to identify and explore new models of creative work that could provide future generations in Europe with a more stable perspective, thus contributing to a more harmonious development of the European economy, living environment and society as a whole. Through the course of 6-years Future Architecture evolved into a well-balanced ecosystem of European cultural players in architecture.

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Call for Ideas, which was open each year from November to January, was an invitation to register ideas and help shape the most significant architectural events that form the core of the European Architecture Program. The call was open not only to architects, but also to urban planners, curators, landscape architects, designers, artists, filmmakers and any other emerging professionals that think, explore, engage and shape our living environment. The applied ideas of 6 cycles now form an extensive repository of visions on the future of architecture on the Future Architecture website.

Creative Exchange was the most insightful annual gathering of architecture lovers and professionals, held every February in Ljubljana at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO). It brought together platform members and emerging talents from the Call for Ideas. Moreover, it offered opportunities for emerging creatives to connect with high profile organisations, while the public could keep up with the latest developments and tendencies in architecture through exciting lectures, round-table discussions and more. 

European Architecture Program was a series of some of the most significant and interconnected architectural happenings and events in Europe. The selected emerging creatives from the annual Call for Ideas took part in the programme as exhibitors, speakers, workshop hosts, and other key players in the programme modules, implemented by the member institutions across Europe and beyond. In total, the programme produced 363 events in 26 countries, which featured 301 ideas on the topic of future of architecture by 752 emerging creatives.

Future Architecture Rooms was an unconventional virtual environment at the intersection of the real and the immaterial in which twenty-seven European institutions, members of the Future Architecture platform, had constructed a digital context for exchange, knowledge transfer, discussion, education, and presentation.

Future Architecture Library was an innovative digital/analog publishing hybrid that brought together the possibilities of critical editorial work, innovative printing, and active user intervention. It now holds publications produced under the umbrella of Future Architecture.

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