Faraway, So Close

Future Architecture Festival29 Aug 2017

Thursday 28 september 14.30
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
publication launch / presentation

The 25th Biennial of design Ljubljana develops from the physical exploration of seven conditions all over Slovenia on which designers were invited to reflect. This is a contemporary phenomenon characteristic of our era: young, informed and emancipated people who have grown up within urban models bring their values into non-urban spaces. The theoretical appropriation of the so-called Alter-urban within the context of BIO 25 has been made possible by the de-centralization of the biennial itself,together with the physical observation and response of the participants. The framework of FARAWAY, SO CLOSE is an experiment in formats: the designers have been asked to think of a potentially novel interpretation of a Slovenian local and international creative figures are developing possible scenarios that enquire into local and global issues, using the existing Slovenian territory as a paradigm.
Coordinated by: Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
Speakers: Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan, curators of BIO 25

Free admission.

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