Publishing Acts

Future Architecture Festival29 Aug 2017

Thursday 28 september 15.15
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
presentation / debate

Publishing Acts is the result of the “temporary editorial office” experiment held in Pula, Croatia, 1-3 June, 2017, which was designed to produce instant, open-ended socio-political imaginaries about the city. The publication itself is conceived as a “social or institutionalizing object,” whose existence, nature and shape intrinsically refer to the existence of a collaborative and agonistic process of knowledge production. With the launch of such a project it can instigate further engagement with a specific topic and create a link between the discourse both before and after publication. The Publishing Acts in Ljubljana, the final act of this site-specific “socialchoreography”, serves as an occasion to think about possible further development of the initiative, and as a catalyst for the FutureArchitecture-DAI-SAI pamphlet series on potentially radical transformations of built territories and the architectural discipline.
Coordinated by: DAI-SAI
Tutor: Rebekka Kiesewetter

Free admission.

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