Curating and Learning from Future Architecture

Future Architecture Festival29 Aug 2017

Thursday 28 september 16.15
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
lecture / discussion

The curatorial concepts of recent exhibitions at the HDA House of Architecture in Graz were developed by the Future Architecture applicants ISSS research&architecture (Ingrid Sabatier-Schwarz, Stephan Schwarz) in 2016 and by Ana Jeinić in 2017. Here they present their approach to selecting and assuming specific positions and to developing exhibitions in the framework of the Future Architecture Initiative, and will discuss their many related experiences and insights. In the two highly fruitful years of FutureArchitecture and related activities the HDA in Graz has featured more than 60 emerging artists from all over the world over the course of two exhibitions and collateral events.
Coordinated by: House of Architecture, Graz (HDA Graz)
Speakers: Ana Jeinić, ISSSresearch&architecture (Ingrid Sabatier-Schwarz, Stephan Schwarz); Moderated by Markus Bogensberger (House of Architecture)

Free admission.

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