Teaser16 Jun 2020

25 AUG - 13 OCT 2020, ONLINE!


Concept curator Anastassia Smirnova (SVESMI)

Designer Anna Kulachek

Executive curator Milan Dinevski (MAO)

With the participation of James Taylor-Foster (ArkDes) and Bika Rebek (Some Place)

Future Architecture Rooms is a project that was born out of the lockdown, yet which will open doors into the worlds beyond this immediate crisis.

Future Architecture Rooms is an unconventional digital environment. 

It is a collection of online spaces - rooms! - each hosted by one institution, one member of the platform. 

We see every room as a symbolic space in which an institution can present itself and elaborate upon its take on the platform’s topic for the year. Each room is a place of exchange, of knowledge transfer and of learning. In this sense, Future Architecture Rooms is an educational project. 

27 rooms - 27 doors leading to a stunning diversity of materials, plots, ideas, etc. Together they constitute - both visually and metaphorically - the architecture of the platform, making the most of its richness.

Architecture museums, galleries, publishing houses, foundations and experimental laboratories will use their rooms as stages for debates and proposals about the future of architecture. 

Enter the Rooms and meet curators, producers, creative directors, architects or artists behind their institutional logos. 

See them in their working habitats – studies, labs, salons, archives, exhibition halls or libraries. Learn about their teams, their working methods, and their interests. Think and choose whom to contact with a proposal or simply follow in the future. 

The first online Room will open its doors to the public on August 25; the others will keep opening during the following weeks.

Enter Future Architecture Rooms!