Event10 Feb 2021

2021 Creative Exchange: Landscapes of Care

Short Film Premier event on 26 February 2021

Online conference on 3-5 March 2021

via Future Architecture Rooms

Future Architecture Rooms - an unconventional virtual environment for presentations, lectures, and matchmaking will be the host of the upcoming 2021 Creative Exchange: Landscapes of Care. As part of the CEx2021, all 27 selected ideas and their video contributions will be showcased via FA Rooms on a Short Film Premier event on 26 February 2021, prior to the online conference in March 2021.

The Online Conference will take place on three consecutive days 3-5 March 2021. The online event will put the focus on open discussions, matchmaking, networking, and public program to make the whole online experience more interesting and unexpected. The event will be accompanied by keynote lectures from renowned thinkers in the field of architecture and habitat to reflect on the annual theme Landscapes of Care

Alongside this, the New European Bauhaus initiative will be introduced to the discussion considering that the insights of the emerging creatives and established thinkers on the future of architecture would be invaluable for the design of the NEB.

The entire event will be broadcasted via FA Rooms and the audience will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions in real-time. The event will be recorded and available for review after the conference.

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