Ideas on Future Architecture

News12 Apr 2016

Missed the presentations of ideas at the Matchmaking Conference? Check out all 23 of them!

No Future: Architectural Practice for the Living Present

Matias Echanove
New Models of City Life: Creating New Value Models of Cities Through Culture of Making

Tomaž Pipan 
ZIP City: Houseless Not Homeless

Lavinia Scaletti
Landscapes for the Anthropocene: More-Than-Human Dialogues Between Landscape and Architecture

Tiago Torres-Campos 
Weaponized Architecture: Examining the Violence of Architecture from Palestine to the Paris Banlieues

Léopold Lambert 
Ruincarnations: Mainstreamization of Outsider Spaces as a Reaction to Fetishization of Decay

Miloš Kosec 
Architecture of Commons: How to Live (Al)Together?

Merve Bedir
Common Places: 50 Strategies to Improve Our Public Spaces

Felipe De Ferrari 
Skopje. Beyond The Obvious: Emerging Strategies for a Young Capital

Vera Seriakov, Nela Kadic 
Architecture for Refugees: Open Source Online Platform

Bence Komlósi 
Bringing Back the Social into the Cities: Transformation of the Kortepohja Student Village (Jyväskylä, FI)

Aleksandra Zarek 
The Future of Architecture: 5 Images

Leonard Streich 
Architecture After the Future: Rethinking Architectural Project in the Futureless World

Ana Jeinić 
Bioplarch: Starch Based Bioplastic As a Construction Material

Esen Gökçe Özdamar 
Biosynthetic Possessions: A Future Where Your Possessions Grow At Home Instead Of Being Manufactured In a Factory

Linnea Våglund 
Self-Constructed Paradigms: Let’s Drop the ‘-lonialism’ and Take the ‘CO-‘!

Sara Neves 
Diktyotopia: Knowledge Without Borders

Wardak Feda 
The Urban Yoga: How Does Future Architecture Feel?

Anja Humljan  
Curating Heritage in Future: The Visually Communicative Travelling Model

Sonja Jankov 
Guerilla Architects: City-Making Through Minimally Invasive Interventions

Silvia Gioberti, Benedikt Stoll 
Amateur Cities: Connecting City Thinkers to City Makers

Ania Molenda 
Reconsidering Hope: An Ordinary Architecture For an Extra Ordinary Urbanism

Clement Blanchet 
From Infrastructure To Urban Interiors: Creating (the Illusion of) a Flood

Manon Mollard