Open Call1 May 2016

»Living in between: Future of Ukrainian small-sized towns and rural areas« CANactions School starts admission to STUDIO #3. Deadline for applications is 17 July 2016.

Duration: September 12 – December 16, 2016
Curator: Maria Berkers, NL
Field of study: Integrated Spatial Development/ Strategic Spatial Planning and Design
Location: Kyiv, UA
Language: English
Attendance: Full-time
Tuition fee: 11 800 UAH
Application deadline: July 17, 2016

STUDIO #3 ‘Living in between: Future of Ukrainian small-sized towns and rural areas’ is a continuation of URBANISM.UA: (RE) START – an interdisciplinary program which is based on principles of Integrated Spatial Development, and aimed at exploring and strategic development of Ukrainian urban and rural areas.
The STUDIO is aimed at identifying challenges and potentials of the country’s hinterland and its communities in the framework of diverse cultural landscapes, infrastructure networks and resources consumption that are implied by contemporary forms of municipal, regional and state development.
Relying on interdisciplinary research and strategic planning methodology, the program will attempt at advancing the new approach to understanding of socio-political, infrastructural, economic, cultural, ecological and spatial specifics of Ukraine's hinterland in the context of the reform of decentralization of power in Ukraine – with all risks and advantages of this complex process.
Developed research outcomes will be used as a benchmark data for elaborating a set of project proposals for identified types of communities. This part of the program will be based on participatory approach which implies direct collaboration between interdisciplinary student groups, supported by STUDIO #3 international tutors and guest experts, and local representatives of ‘hromadas’.
Applicants should be:
Interested in Urban Studies, Spatial Development, Urban Management and Economics, Urban Design, Strategic Planning and Urbanism at large
Available for full-time (40 hrs/week) involvement in educational process during the dates of STUDIO#3
Ready to learn and act, work devotedly and contribute to the common goal
Can step beyond their professional biases and work in an interdisciplinary setting
Not afraid of challenges and able to deal with uncertainties

Application deadline is 17 July!

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