Selected Creatives on Participating

News9 Dec 2016

Last year's programme took place in 14 cities around Europe with over 90 emerging creatives taking part in the events. Read some of their impressions and experiences.

»Future Architecture initiates and promotes innovative alternatives within the field of architecture. It supports and empowers clever and imaginative solutions and establishes relevant and effective working relationships. It’s making big efforts to ensure architects and designers acquire greater experience and the skills needed to improve the potential for architectural advancement. Future Architecture Platform recognised the need and lent a helping hand.« – Anja Humljan, The Urban Yoga, Slovenia

»The Future Architecture Platform was an incredible experience for both professional and cultural reasons. On the one hand, it allowed me to present my work to people I would normally never meet, and to build a network with other young architects. Coming at the start of my career, FA has been invaluable in helping establish my reputation. But for me, what was much more important was the possibility of meeting my peers and becoming familiar with the most common questions and inquiries related to architecture today. It allowed me to travel to parts of Europe I could not normally afford to see, and to gain an understanding of not only what it means to be an architect, but what it means to be a European. I must admit, this joy has been undercut by the prospect of Brexit. I feel that if more people could experience what I experienced with FA – a warm, engaged, multicultural and diverse community of nations, each thriving with a local architectural culture – our respective societies would be infinitely better off. FA is unquestionably one of the most important cultural projects in Europe today. I am grateful to have been involved.« - Jack Self, United Kingdom

»Such a platform with representation from different European countries is a great opportunity for the involved organisations and participants to follow new tendencies, opinions, concerns, and approaches of fellow professionals from around the continent. It would create great value if the Future Architecture Platform could continue, gather more experience, and transform into a European network for architecture and design.« - Merve Bedir, Turkey/The Netherlands

»The diversity and positive attitude of the Future Architecture Platform projects make us feel very positive about the future! We hope there will be more and more projects, more architects and communities that will start caring and doing instead of waiting! The ‘culture of care’ has to replace the ‘culture of waiting’. Both our older and younger democracies have to be developed and individuals and communities have to realise that the decisions lie in our own hands! The projects of the first year took the keys from the slow and bureaucratic ‘leaders’ and we started doing instead of waiting. The very different problems, goals and approaches of these initiators and their projects are proof that there is not just a single problem with a single solution, but rather there are several smaller and bigger questions with many possible answers. We have to work in parallel and often hand-in-hand with each other to realise change. We have to start collaborating to make the future a better place. This past year, with its many interviews, presentations, workshops and discussions gave us a lot of room and opportunity to express ourselves and to start the collaboration. This work can and has to be both offline and online and has to be diverse! Many small make a GREAT!« Bence Komolosi, Architecture for Refugees, Switzerland

»Over the past year the Future Architecture Platform has been a remarkable experience on both the personal and professional levels. The connections established between cultural institutions and young practitioners, designers, thinkers and academics highlighted how networking, knowledge exchange and dissemination of social and cultural practices can be organised around meaningful initiatives and projects. I had the opportunity to visit places I had never seen, to meet extremely interesting young and established professionals from all over Europe and beyond, and to find a stage on or through which to disseminate my work. I delivered talks, took part in exhibitions, and was commissioned with an intervention in Ljubljana, together with the French-Chilean studio Plan Común, called 'Common Places'. It gave me and my work a voice on the European level that I simply hadn't had before.« – Tiago Torres Campos, Portugal