Call for Papers

Open Call11 Dec 2016

Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation
Tiago Torres Campos, selected participant in 2016, is on 22—24 June 2017 organising a symposium at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Take part either with a lecture or with an image and explore the reciprocity between geopolitics and modes of representation through the motif of postcards!

Keynote Speakers
Etienne Turpin, Jussi Parikka, Mark Dorrian, Nigel Clark, Susan Schuppli
[additional keynote to be confirmed]

Call for papers
If the emergence of the Anthropocene implies an epistemological shift, how might this transform the way we think about representation and, more specifically, its geopolitics?  What kinds of representations carry significant material, metaphorical and methodological implications for this question, and can help us to 'situate' ourselves – if that is a still viable term – in our new conditions of groundlessness and scalelessness?
This symposium proposes to explore this through the motif of 'Postcards from the Anthropocene'.  The postcards that we imagine are documentary space-time snapshots, which convey complex assemblages of dynamic, non-linear, unpredictable, ad-hoc networks between interdependent and trans-scalar actants. They may raise questions about the ethical and political challenges of the dominant modes of technoscientific production in the Anthropocene, modes that are constituted through existing power relationships, subject positions, differences and inequalities. On the other hand, they might open up new streams of speculative and creative geopolitical imaginaries and forms of collective subjectivities that recalibrate existing value systems and indicate alternatives.
For this symposium we are seeking presentations that deploy different formats to reflect upon new kinds of reciprocity between geopolitics and representation through a found, described, designed or imagined postcard from the Anthropocene. We anticipate that this proliferation of anthropocenic representations will reveal and encourage transformations in practices of scrutinizing, strategizing, mediating and assembling, which are in turn animated in complex ways by operations that range from positioning, scaling, scripting, and weathering to fabricating, mining, reframing and recalibrating.

Two kinds of submissions are invited. Intending participants should submit either:
1) a 300-word abstract of a proposed conference presentation; or
2) a single image together with a 300-word commentary on it.
Invitations to speak at the symposium will be extended on the basis of the abstracts. The image/text submissions will be reviewed, and selected submissions presented in a parallel format in the symposium.

Proposals should be sent by email to by Friday, February 24th 2017. Proposals should also include a short biographical note (maximum 150 words), together with the author’s institutional address and full contact details.

It is intended that an edited book will be developed from selected papers and images presented at the symposium.