"N'Shpi t're" Documentary

News28 Feb 2016

Join us at СANactions Kiev, Ukraine on Thursday, 3 Mar, at 19.00 for a story about architect Astrit Nixha's transformation of the most unique architecture building in Kosovo.

The documentary produced and directed by Burja Berisha speaks of one of the most unique architecture building in Kosovo. Part of the industrial legacy of the Ex-Yugoslavia, after the 1999 war in Kosovo the factory closed its production, after it was privatized it was envisaged as the new home to a local TV channel.

The documentary follows the conceptual and creative work of architect Astrit Nixha in his quest to build a sustainable building and one that pays tribute to the memories of the 99 war. Klan KOSOVA building is one of the first examples of industrial building transformation in Kosovo. It is a model of raising people’s awareness about recycling and reuse of materials in general. Once manufacturing shock absorbers, the existing building structure has 10,000 m2. Architectural concept generated from reuse and recycled materials; presents not only reuse of the shattered building structure, its elements and materials but also it incorporates recycled materials from other parts of the country, for example bricks from the ruins of the burned houses during the Kosovo war.

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