Critical Distance #1 Kicked Off by Studio Barozzi Veiga

Event29 Mar 2017

Tuesday, 4 April, 7pm at CCB Lisbon, PT - The winners of the last Mies van der Rohe Prize will give the first lecture in the series of the international conference organized by the Lisbon Architectural Triennale.

In architecture, the conference is one of the primary forms of sharing and expanding knowledge. Critical Distance provides precisely this space establishing a direct dialogue between the public and the invited architects. From 2017 to 2019, the invited guests of this third series are authors whose practice and solid career has drawn considerable critical praise becoming references in the international architectural scene.
The Barcelona-based studio Barozzi Veiga is the author of projects in different parts of Europe, notably the Philharmonic of Szczecin (Poland), the Fine Arts Museum of Chur, and the new building for the Musée des Beaux Arts In Lausanne, both in Switzerland. One of the singularities of this architectural firm, founded in 2004 is the desire to find and draw on the primal condition of each location where they build.

The lecture will take place in CCB Main Auditorium.

Price: 5 euros/conference, pass for the three conferences (2017): 10 euros (at CCB or online)


Critical Distance #1
Barozzi/Veiga, 4 April 2017 CCB Main Auditorium (19h)

Critical Distance #2
Paul Ghirardani - Game of Thrones, 17 May 2017, CCB Main Auditorium (19h)

Critical Distance #3
Future Architecture Platform 26 October 2017, CCB Small Auditorium (19h)

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