Albanian Universe. Design Between Vacuum and Energy

Future Architecture Festival27 Aug 2017

Tuesday 26 September 19.00
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
exhibition opening / talk

Curated by: Besnik Aliaj & Antonino Di Raimo
Despite its tormented history, the “Albania of today” finds itself undergoing rapid and widespread change. By the same token it’s a compelling invitation for any number of reasons to get to better know Albanian society, become familiar with its hopes and ambitions. POLIS University,a research and development platform in the Western Balkans, together with its founding entity Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, here introduce some reflection on the subject of design after design based on the Albanian context of the past two decades.
Coordinated by: Tirana Design Week / POLIS University Tirana
Speaker: Dr. Besnik Aliaj (Rector of POLIS University); moderated by Saimir Kristo (Vice Dean of POLIS University)

Free admission.

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