Envisioning Public Space Within a Global Context: Two Methods in Dialogue

Future Architecture Festival29 Aug 2017

Wednesday 27 september 18.30
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
lectures / discussion

Public spaces – as much as public buildings –constitute the collective memory of a place. Creating a successful public space therefore requires that the architect stimulate the collective imagination on several levels. On what level can an architectural proposal act – between existing universal public space typologies and specific cultural behaviours?Two architecture offices – Plan Común (Chile) and Kosmos Architects (Russia) –will present their research work behind the exhibition FORUM BASEL at S AM and discuss their methods with the moderator.
Coordinated by: S AM Swiss Architecture Museum
Speakers: Felipe De Ferrari, Kim Courrèges (Plan Común), Artem Kitaev (Kosmos Architects); Moderated by Stéphanie Savio (Swiss Architecture Museum)

Free admission.

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