30 Oct 2016
dpr-barcelona, Barcelona, ES
Barcelona, Spain

Archifutures Vol. 1: The Museum, edited and designed by &beyond and published by dpr-barcelona, is the first part of a three-volume field guide to the future of architecture. The collection maps contemporary architectural practice and urban planning, presented through the words and ideas of some of its key players and change-makers. From institutions, activists, thinkers, curators and architects to urban bloggers, polemicists, critics and publishers, Archifutures presents the people shaping tomorrow’s architecture and cities – and thereby helping to shape our societies of the future as well.
This first volume of Archifutures, The Museum includes thought pieces, essays, interviews, and discussions – in both words and pictures – between members of Future Architecture platform. Steering the dialogue on the contemporary role of these institutional bodies are current practitioners and thinkers including Socks Studio, Nick Axel, Léa-Catherine Szacka, and Ana Dana Beroš.
A particular highlight of the book is a “collage conversation”, a visual dialogue between Superstudio co-founder Cristiano Toraldo di Francia and Guillermo Lopez of MAIO, with some images specially commissioned for the publication.
In the soon-to-be-released subsequent volumes of Archifutures:  The Studio and The Site, the editorial team of &beyond present a thoughtful selection of the theories and projects shaping the “future of architecture” today.
All three volumes are the starting point of a forthcoming digital platform that will function as a live repository of Future Architecture contributions and experiences, allowing both participants and readers to arrange and print on demand their own personal compilations, enabling them to intervene with the material and its dissemination as well.
Archifutures Vol. 1: The Museum will be presented on 15 November at Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

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