If These Walls Could Talk

#Summer School, Workshops, Festival
17 Sep - 26 Sep 2021
BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week, Belgrade, RS
House of the Press / Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia

Within the framework of the FA 2021 common topic Landscapes of Care, BINA will organize a summer film school—If These Walls Could Talk—that will be dedicated to the building of the Belgrade House of the Press (one of the BINA head offices) and all of its very diverse contents.

Within the framework of the FA 2021 common topic Landscapes of Care, BINA will organize a summer film school—If These Walls Could Talk—that will be dedicated to the building of the Belgrade House of the Press (one of the BINA head offices) and all of its very diverse contents. The film school will be organized in partnership with the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and in cooperation with the FA member CAFx Summer School

"We would like to invite interested participants to come to Belgrade, spend some time with us, explore the city, explore the building and, in the language of the moving images, present their visions of caring for such a building."

The building was designed by architect Ratomir Bogojević and erected in the period from 1958 to 1961. Designed in the spirit of modern architecture, its construction and appearance was a novelty in the field of modeling of business facilities in our country at the time. The House of the Press is situated in the very centre of the City, in the Republic Square at the beginning of the pedestrian zone. With its location and visual qualities, it is the most significant post-war contribution to the shaping of the main City square together with the National Theater and the National Museum. Because of all of this, the House of the Press received the status of a listed heritage building.

"We’d like to challenge participants with this exquisite building with all of its architectural characteristics, as well its history, institutions that it houses, and its potential life in the future to come."

Copenhagen Architecture Festival will organize a summer school in Denmark and BINA will organize a summer school in Serbia.  Both summer schools will prepare a program in close communication with both organizations in order to achieve the maximum results of the collaboration. CAFx and BINA will launch a joint Open Call for both summer schools. It is not mandatory to participate in one.

The Summer School will be organized by applying the methodology of interdisciplinary masterclasses guided by filmmakers and architects. Participants will work individually or in groups and at the end deliver a film of 2-7 minutes in length which will be screened at a final show and presented online afterwards.

After the finalization of both summer schools all produced films will be analyzed, commented on by mentors, participants and organizers, then presented on-line, on websites ,and through social networks.

Participants are expected to bring their own hardware and software, e.g. basic equipment for conducting architectural and filmic research. The Summer School can recommend tutorials, but the main focus of the teaching sessions is not to be trained in established software or filmic methods but to explore, develop, and expand on relationships within architecture and film put forward by upcoming positions within the field and to favor and embrace the subjectivity of documentaries – especially when it comes to the depiction of space and their politics.

Both organizations, BINA and Copenhagen Architecture Festival, will each invite a minimum of five Future Architecture Participants to either teach or participate in the workshops.

In the case that it will not be possible to organize the BINA/FA Summer School in the proposed format, they will do it online.

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