If These Walls Could Talk

#Summer School, Workshops, Festival
17 Sep - 26 Sep 2021
BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week, Belgrade, RS
House of the Press / Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia

Within the framework of the 2021 Future Architecture Program theme Landscapes of Care, BINA will organize a film summer school with the title If These Walls Could Talk and will focus on exploring the building of Belgrade House of Press (one of BINA's head offices) and all its diverse purposes.

The Belgrade Architects’ Association and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade have been organizing the BINA - Belgrade International Architecture Week - festival for fifteen years ( Since 2016,  BINA has been taking part in a European project entitled the Future Architecture Platform.

In September 2021, BINA will host a ten-day film workshop as part of the 2021 Future Architecture Program with the theme Landscapes of Care. The film workshop is titled If These Walls Could Talk and will focus on the exploration of the building of the Belgrade House of Press (built on Trg republike square in downtown Belgrade in 1958-1961, on the basis of the design of architect Ratomir Bogojević and formed in the spirit of contemporary architecture as a work characterized by significant architectural and urban planning values; in 2019, it was proclaimed a cultural heritage). The intention is to introduce participants in the workshop to this building, its architecture, history, facilities and users, in order that they present their own experience/views, comments on the present situation or suggestions of its future potentials - and all that in a short film form.

Film and architecture have been firmly intertwined since the very origins of “the seventh art”. The film, as a media, was created in an urban setting and addresses the urban person. Architecture, viewed as an important visual element of motion pictures, occupies a significant place in the history of moving images. The architects of the modern and contemporary period perceive the importance of the mediating role of urban infrastructure and the potentials of the media (in the beginning, photography and then film and video respectively) for the in-depth analyses of the built structures or for attractive and flexible potentials within the architectural design itself. At the same time, film professionals and video artists from the world of visual arts discovered architecture and its “layers of meaning” in the domain of ideologies, social relations and the raging capitalism. Architectural works often serve as a starting point and the basis of a film and video narrative; the urban-scenic environment is one of the most significant elements of film analysis and the analysis of the social and cultural setting of its protagonists, whereas sometimes architectural works are given the role of the main character of a film or a piece of video art.

The workshop is dedicated to the education and production of short films and videos analyzing the various potentials of film language in the study of architecture and its multi-layered meaning. It is intended for students and professionals in the fields of architecture, urban planning, film and audio-visual arts, as well as for other persons under 35 interested in research in the domain of film and architecture. The workshop entails a mentorship approach through the process of film research and production and includes workshops, lectures, screenings, Q&A sessions, teamwork and individual work, location shooting, sound editing and processing, as well as the final public presentation of the produced films and video works.

The chief mentor of the 2021 BINA film workshop is the film director Dejan Petrović - the founder of the “Interakcija” (Interaction) International Student Film Camp. Other film mentors include the director Vojin Vasović and cameraman Dušan Grubin. 

The architecture mentors are the selected 2021 Future Architecture Fellowa:

Julia Udall, Alex De Little, Jon Orlek, Joe Gilmore and Richard Cook - Sonic Acts of Noticing

Ana Ulrikke Andersen - An Architecture of Chronic Illness;

Nina Bačun - Narratives of Space in Film;

Dea Widya - Anima Locus;

Viktória Mravčáková/Spolka - Careful Mapping

The workshop will take place in September and will be hosted by the Belgrade Cultural Centre.

The workshop (education and production) coordinators are Slađana Petrović Varagić and Ana Ostojić.

Organization and realization by the BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week (The Association of Belgrade Architects and the Belgrade Cultural Centre)  in cooperation with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx), MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome and the Oslo Architecture Triennial (OAT).

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