Belgrade Outskirts / Envision Future

12 May - 13 May 2017
BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week, Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, Serbia

BINA 2017 taking place between 27 Apr and 25 May in Belgrade, Serbia will bring to the forefront the language of trans-disciplinarity: architecture, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, music, visual arts and design. Visit the exhibitions, lectures, walks and workshops and contribute to creating responsible solutions for new spatial challenges that our surroundings constantly face!

The name of this year’s event, the Ideas Yards, originated from the concept of a European project in which BINA and its ten partners will participate over the next 4 years – Shared Cities: Creative Momentum – which is based on the concept of a "yard" that is, basically a common, public space in which ideas about the city and urban spaces arise and are shared to suit the users. By creating ideas and programs in public urban spaces, social innovations are encouraged from creative sectors, which include the participatory processes of urban design.

This year's BINA "yard" will explore elements of the architecture of Nikola Dobrović, put the General Staff Headquarters building into focus, present two European events, the Triennial of Architecture from Lisbon and the Beta city Biennale  of Timisoara, host the exhibition called "Small Utopias" by the MAXXI museum in Rome, discuss the architecture of knowledge as the driving force of urban development, cheer for the swift implementation of the detailed design for the reconstruction of the Belgrade City Museum, socialize with the experts that build and equip buildings, while students and pupils will create their architecture in workshops, and everyone can join walks through Belgrade, getting to know the city over and over again. Check out the programme.

One of the highlights of this year's BINA will bring exchange of experiences within the Future Architecture Platform conference "Belgrade Outskirts – Envision the Future". The Belgrade International Architecture Week (BINA) dedicates the largest portion of its program to topics related to the state and development of the city of Belgrade. One of the burning issues of the further development of the city is the development of municipalities on the outskirts, their connectedness with the center, their specificity, potentials, as well as the existing issues. Suburban municipalities contain a combination of urban, rural and industrial areas, and are rich in natural and cultural resources–the riverbank zones of the Sava and the Danube, archeological sites, cultural monuments, or outing spots. However, there are also numerous issues, such as the non-existence and/or disregard of town planning regulations, illegal construction, poor network of roads and streets, obsolete or non-existent network of plumbing and drains, as well as the inadequate maintenance of infrastructure and public places. The mentioned state of the area in suburban municipalities, coupled with the constant influx of people, poverty and a high degree of unemployment, are universal topics present in all urban environments.

Bearing in mind the state and heterogeneity of the purpose of Belgrade’s municipalities on the outskirts, as part of the European Future Architecture Platform project, the Belgrade Outskirts / Envision Future conference has been organized with the intention of presenting ideas for the future development of these suburban territories or resolving the existing crucial issues through the interpretation of the representatives of the generation of European architects, who are entering the professionals scene, and who will be its participants in the future.

Guest lecturers at the conference: Žalkina Gligorijević, Belgrade; Manuel Henriques (Lisbon Architecture Triennale), Lisbon; César Reyes Nájera (dpr-barcelona), Barcelona; Sebastian Ernst, Berlin; Giuditta Vendrame, Eindhoven; Dimitris Grosopoulos, Effie Kasimati, London; Studio NO, Wroclaw; Culture Territories Association, Warsaw; Predrag Milić, Belgrade; NGO In Akt, Belgrade; NGO Belgrade Flower Festival, Belgrade

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