12 May - 21 May 2016
CANactions, Kyiv, UA
Kiev, Ukraine

The exhibition and conference at the CANActions festival will address various topics that emerge out of the Future Architecture Open Call. It will relate to the burning issues of contemporary architecture today, like energy (from fossils to renewables, from buildings as consumers to buildings as producers), materials (recycling, deconstructing, buildings as future resource), city (systems, integration), new models (cross-discipline and cross-sector work, development, approaches), citizens (collaboration, participation, motivation, users as creators). The organiser will develop detailed content in collaboration with selected emerging makers and creatives. The conference will also explore topics crucial for the Ukrainian and larger European architectural community, through discussions with various experts, local authorities, NGOs and members of the platform. Selected emerging artists are Amateur Cities, Miloš Kosec and Tiago Torres Campos.

Read the selected ideas: Amateur Cities | Ruincarnations | Landscapes for the Anthropocene