Building Parts. Investigations on material based modularity in 20th century Estonian housing

#Lecture Series, Conference, Workshops
11 Sep - 17 Nov 2019
Opening event: 11 Sep 2019
Estonian Museum of Architecture, Tallinn, EE
Tallinn, EE

Building Parts. Investigations on material based modularity in 20th century Estonian housing

Workshop 10. –13.09. Estonian Academy of Arts

Exhibition 14.09.–17.11. Museum of Estonian Architecture

Opening 13.09. Museum of Estonian Architecture, Ahtri 2, Tallinn

Curators: Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam

Tutors: Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Andreas Köerner, Viki Sandor, Damjan Minovski

The workshop is looking at ways of introducing humanscale articulation in construction by developing protocols of modulation, the investigations are based on different examples from Estonian 20th-century housing. Inspired from four historical examples the tutors are asked to combine material qualities and available production methods to come up with quasiautomated models of modular assemblies. Series of resulting small installations will be presented within the permanent exhibition „Space in  Motion“, Museum of Estonian Architecture. The models will be exhibited next to the original models, establishing a close dialogue between the historical precedent and the contemporary architectural approach.

The event is part of Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB  2019, an international architecture and urban-planning festival entitled  ’Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty’ and curated by London-based architect Yael Reisner.