Publishing Act III

1 May - 31 Oct 2019
DAI-SAI Association of Istrian Architects, Pula, HR
Pula, HR

“Publishing Acts III“ organized by DAI-SAI, in collaboration with the Association of Croatian Architects, is the third edition of an investigation on publishing as an urban practice. How can we, within and through publishing, identify and open up possibilities for critical and collaborative reflection, imagination and action? The publishing process functions as a “social choreography” involving a variety of authors with diverse backgrounds and interests, with local and foreign perspectives. It also functions as a sort of sense-making interface on which diverse realities, fictions and non-fictions, perspectives, interests, approaches, techniques and media can be involved in a process of productive interplay. In an experimental approach to “making a public” participants will present their work to a broader audience. The feedback generated during this “open editorial meeting” in summer 2019 will help determine the direction the “Publishing Acts III“ publication out in fall 2019 is to take.