Digital Research Fellowship

#Publishing, Residency
1 Aug - 30 Nov 2019
Architectuul, Tallinn, EE
Berlin, DE

In addition to its role as a media partner of the Future Architecture Platform, Architectuul has recently launched a Digital Research Fellowship programme for the FAP. Its inaugural edition will be made exclusively available to FAP creatives. One creative will be selected to join the collaborative online architecture publication Architectuul in Berlin to work with Architectuul’s editorial team on a research topic in architecture or urbanism chosen by the creative. The fellowship lasts for four months of which at least one month must be spent in Architectuul’s Berlin office. During the fellowship Architectuul will also familiarise the Fellow with the tools and methods of digital publishing. If the premier edition of the Architectuul FAP Digital Research Fellowship proves successful, it will be extended in 2020. The fellowship is supported by a grant to cover for living expenses.

Meet The Architectuul. Digital Publishing Fellow

Sonja Dragović is the first Architectuul.'s fellow selected for their Digital Publishing Fellowship.

Sonja’s main interests include analyzing practices of urban activism and working with local communities towards improving participatory methods, public policies, and shared spaces. Her research will concentrate on the efforts of local initiatives that have significantly contributed to a better understanding of the value of modernist architecture in the Balkans and worldwide.


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