Symposium: Transform

New construction only account for a fraction of the building activity. An overwhelming part of construction deals with the transformation of existing buildings. In that sense architecture is never really complete, but always in a state of transformation. S AM symposium RE.Architecture brings together five young, aspiring architectural offices from europe who discuss their own approach to transformation.

Together with Jean-Philippe Vassal, Anne Lacaton runs an architectural office in Paris (France). Bernard Blanc is the general director of Office public de l'habitat de la communaute urbaine de Bordeaux (which roughly translates to Public housing office of urban community of Bordeaux), France. His project of transformation of 530 apartements to Grand Ensemble (equivalent of housing estate/complex) in Bordeaux is a model how to improve quality of life and reduce energy consumption by renovating and enlarging housing that was built after the war, which was destined to be demolished.

In the context of Future Architecture Platform. Co-funded by the creative europe programme of the European Union.