Production, The City And Its Culture

12 Oct - 14 Oct 2016
Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Wroclaw, PL

Are we able to imagine a situation in which production and industry once again become the driving force of cultural change? Wroclaw’s tradition with its once powerful and dynamic industry and modern research base is the perfect place to ask the question about the meaning and value of industrial production and manufacturing.

Striving for continuously improving the social status of citizens has become a driving force of cities. Due to the preference of knowledge and services over the value of production, development of the service sector became an essential tool to achieve this vision. But what about artists, artisans and producers? Who will produce all the shirts, phones, cars, lightbulbs, baskets, rompers, books and pens ...? The culture of production gave way to culture based on the ideals and ideas, separated from the material world of things and objects.

The main aim of the conference is a call for rethinking the issues of production and manufacturing as part of the innovation process. We also want to think what will be the impact of renaissance of manufacturing, production and industry on the shape of our cities – is it even possible?