#Exhibition, Symposium and Publ
1 Jun - 31 Oct 2020
DAI-SAI Association of Istrian Architects, Pula, HR
Rijeka, HR

© 2019 DAI-SAI, Publishing Acts III in Rijeka, photo: Matija Kralj

“The Publishing School” organized by the Society of Istrian Architects (DAI-SAI), in collaboration with DeltaLab (University of Rijeka) and flagship Sweet and Salt (Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture), is a round-up edition of the investigation on publishing as a spatializing practice with a focus on educational roles of cultural organizations, and a rehearsal forever new forums for critical thinking and pedagogical practice. It departs with a question: How can we, within and through “architectures of education,” identify and open possibilities for critical and collaborative analysis, imagination and action? The preceding “Publishing Acts” in 2017 were conceived as an experimental editorial workshop with the aim to produce instant, collaborative, open-ended socio-political imaginaries about the city of Pula. The resulting publication Publishing Acts Pula Documents was only distributed by hand: a performative gesture by which not only a printed product was imparted but also the engagement with the topics it contains1. Šibenik Alternating Currents is the second part of the “Publishing Acts” series, a print-on-demand matter of the Šibenik editorial workshop held in 2018, and co-produced with dpr-barcelona.It is also a critical reflection on prevailing processes, methods and frames for architectural knowledge production – specifically on architectural publishing - publishing here is understood as a processual device evoking and framing a social and discursive sphere for multivocal negotiation, self reflexive sensemaking, and differentiated co-production. It is targeted at opening up conceptual and concrete counter-spaces beyond the “existing”, beyond what is currently broadly embodied and materialized2. The latest edition of “Publishing Acts” series, based on the Rijeka editorial workshop held in 2019, is entitled Fiume Novare. Simultaneously, a retrospective to come and a futurospective, it strives to capture different positions on what will happen on “The Day After” of Rijeka 2020 –European Capital of Culture. The publication acts as a symbolic circulation of concepts, in which all operate in a universal sphere of inseparable forms of “post-Rijeka-isms”3.“The Publishing School,” then is a round-up edition of “Publishing Acts I-II-III”, which aims to investigate contemporary architectural pedagogies and to explore questions about how we learn and produce knowledge collectively. It consists of the Exhibiton, the Symposium and the Publication – all experiments per se. The Exhibition (May 2020), as a site of “making a public,” will include the contributions of the Future Architecture participants from “Publishing Acts I-II-III”, together with a curated selection of works on the topic of “radical architectural pedagogies”. The Symposium (May 2020) will explore the ideas of a “de-schooled school,” with a call to leave the institutional environments of learning and establish self-organized, autonomous, “free” educational spaces, based on the heritage of the radical pedagogies of the 1970s. The Publication (Sept 2020), a “portable learning environment,” will evoke and frame social and discursive spheres for multi-vocal contribution and co-production on architectures of education of today, and speculate about what futures emerge on the horizons of knowledge production (Sept 2020).

1 More on Publishing Acts and Pula Documents in Rebekka Kiesewetter’s text

2 More on Šibenik Alternating Currents

3 Fiume Novare is available for download at the following link (until 18 March 2020)