The Publishing School: Publishing Acts I-II-III

#Exhibition, Symposium and Publ
1 Jun - 31 Oct 2020
DAI-SAI Association of Istrian Architects, Pula, HR
Rijeka, HR

© 2019 DAI-SAI, Publishing Acts III in Rijeka, photo: Matija Kralj

The Publishing School is a round-up edition of an investigation on publishing as urban practice with a focus on architectural education, a critical architectural program, whether pragmatic or speculative. The Symposium will be an experiment itself, exploring the potential of collaboration and methods of “transversal pedagogy” in architecture schools, and it will discuss “de-schooling” from cooking to political theory. In an experimental approach of “making a public”, participants including Future Architecture emerging authors, architectural protagonists and scholars from around the world as well as local voices, will present their work to a broader audience in a formation of a new civic space, the Exhibition (May 2020). A site of the display will include the works of Future Architecture participants from “Publishing Acts I-II-III”, with a curated selection of local and international artwork on the topic of “radical architectural pedagogies” (May-Jun, 2020). The Publication, summing the experiences of the Symposium and the Exhibition, will spill further onto contexts such as the built environment, the making of critical learning settings and the production of new political imaginations. In short, the Publication will deal with the re-definition of the worlds that surround us, focusing on education and publishing as a processual device, which evokes and frame social and discursive spheres for multi-vocal negotiation and differentiated co-production (Oct 2020).